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Plug Plants

Choose from our wide range of varieties and colours that can be delivered to your home, suitable to be planted directly into your pots, baskets and borders.

With over 30 years of experience, we offer mini-plugs grown from seed and larger plug plants grown on from cuttings (supplied in our own 40mm ‘Ellepot’, made from a specialised biodegradable fabric which allows the fibrous roots to easily penetrate the container in which it is transplanted. Therefore, the young plant establishes faster as no check is encountered in the growing process. It also allows us to use our own recipe of compost known as ‘Mount Folly Dirt’, depending on the variety being propagated).

Buy direct from the grower! Our 40mm home-made plugs are 50% larger than your average plugs!

Deliveries are made when products are in season, but you can pre-order at anytime.  We will track and process your order when varieties become available.

We take care to package your plants as best we can to avoid damage during our 24hr next day courier service.  We will also let you know when to expect them, so that you can deal with them immediately.

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